Stream Selector™ Test

Psychometric Career Assessment to know your best stream after 10th class

  • Know your right stream

    Stream selector™ test is the scientific way to know your right stream after 10th class.

  • Categorize your Interest

    Stream Selector™ career test categorizes your aptitude and interest according to the streams.

  • Scientific way to choose your stream

    Stream Selector™ measures your verbal, numerical, clerical and reasoning aptitude.

  • Get streams in preferential order

    You will get your streams like Mathematics, Biology, Commerce and Humanities in preferential order.

FAQ's Related to Stream Selector

  I want to know about the best career option after 10th?

Dear Aspirant, though there are not so diverse career options after 10th except choosing between the streams you can go for various Olympiads in Mathematics, French and English etc. and the exams for scholarships which will help for the higher education ahead. To name a few, there is UDAAN Scholarship for the single girl child to complete their Engineering education and the scholarship is given by CBSE. For the ambitious students who want to go abroad for their higher education, there are some Scholastics aptitude tests like IELTS and TOEFL.

  I want to take up commerce but I am not good at mathematics. What do I do?

Dear Aspirant, while there is no such requirement generally to opt for Maths for the Commerce education you must be aware of the academic courses after commerce which doesn’t contain Maths as one of the subjects. Maths but may be an essential requirement for the studies overseas because the universities there may ask for the Mathematics for the courses like Economics, Accounting and Business Management. In India, you need to make sure of getting counted your fifth subject in the best of four for admission purpose. Still, our advice will be not to opt for Mathematics if you are not good at it because the poor performance in one subject may get down your overall percentage for that concerned academic year or for the degree.

  I want to take up science, however; I have not scored well in my boards. What should I do?

Dear Aspirant, though the marks are important for admission purpose for various academic courses and different available streams, your interests and aptitude will have more importance As the decision at this level will have far-reaching effects on career and thereby life. The score matters and if you have underperformed in your board exams then it is recommended that you must not go randomly for science streams further being in pressure and fancies. And it is possible really to go for if you are fully confident that you would toil for and improve the things and the aptitude required. Choosing streams randomly may become a cause to regret over in future for rest of your life.

  I wanted to ask that which stream I should select in 11th?

Dear Aspirant, it’s good that you approached the FutureMap for your query and be assure that the FutureMap is there to help you choosing the right stream in 11th. The streams can be best determined knowing your Interests and abilities. As you have asked this, in general, we would suggest you for Science if you are good at Calculation and Maths, like to study rules, theories from fundamental sciences like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. And if the science, you think is not of your sort then you obviously can go for Commerce and Humanities faculties.
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