Skill Based Career Test™

Psychometric Career Assessment to know your best skill based career

  • Know your best career

    Psychometric assessment for skill based career will provide you with an answer to which career is most suitable for you.

  • Know your interest type

    Interest is important in choosing a career or occupation because interest keeps you motivated and engaged in your work.

  • Understand your career motivators

    Based on the RIASEC theory, this test helps you know which career path will keep you motivated.

  • Helps you to choose a vocational course

    If you are thinking of learning a new skill or take up a vocational course take our Skill based Career Test.

FAQ's Related to Skill Based Test

  What are the benefits of skill based test & how it works?

Dear Aspirant, a career is based on the skills that you inculcate and the way you use the same for progression and growth. We can term these skills as defining factors in your career. The abilities of yours also reflect the things you are good at. The skills help in completing myriad assignments regarding your career and also in a life. There are two sorts of abilities: delicate abilities and the specialized aptitudes. These both the skill types are fundamental and helpful in achieving your goals what you are aspiring for. The skills based while being interviewed to present yourself very well.

  How FutureMap assessment tools are useful in exploring my career?

Dear Aspirant, for many years, FutureMap is working on the development of student’s working capabilities and potential exploring their interests and getting them at their best-suited jobs. Most of the time students have no idea how to choose the career options and to differentiate the things according to their needs. FutureMap bridges the gap leading students to their true fields of career and personality grooming, development of the aptitude and analytical skills, helping them explore wide career choice and come exactly down to the right ones across the urban and rural areas and cities alike.

  Can online career test help me to discover what skill I might have?

Dear Aspirant, Yes defiantly, the main motive of these online career test. These psychometric career tests will discover aspirant’s interest and true potential on the basis of motivation, interest, personality and aptitude. The Skill Based Career Test is recommended for you, the detailed report of the test will help you to know where your interests lie and will suggest you career paths based on your interests, skis, and aptitude. The Skill Based Career Test has been designed on the world famous RIASEC theory of career choices and selection which lets have an insight on career paths and help you interested and motivated to perform better in particular field of the career.

  What is the relation between your personality & your career?

Dear Aspirant, Your interests, passion and the basic personality are the things, which has a bearing on your aptitude and career. Personality is most significant and always will have high weightage at the time of interview. Personality is the first thing people get impressed by whenever you meet them and in this manner, personality bears a great impression on the things you do and thereby on your career. There is no significance for timid and shy people in public life or in the profession and they would surely lag behind in terms of career achievement and overall development in life. Thus there is a direct relation between Personality and a career. FutureMap helps you by its Psychometric and Skill Based Tests to help to choose a career on the basis of personality traits, interests, and aptitude.
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