Professional Skill Index Test™

Psychometric Career Assessment to know your professional skill index

  • Identify your Professional Skill Index

    Psychometric Assessment for Professional Skills, helps you to know that if the candidate is more likely to be successful in their chosen career.

  • Showcase your report at the time of interview

    Professional skills index test provides you personalized report, which will help you to understand your Professional Skill parameter.

  • Designed by the panel of psychologists

    The test is meticulously designed by the panel of psychologists, counselors and psychiatrist.

  • Scientific way to know your strengths and weaknesses

    This test makes analysis on the professional traits like Motivation, Leadership, Team work, etc.

FAQ's Related to Professional Skill Index

  How to match Your Personality to Your Career?

Dear Aspirant, Each individual reaches a point in their life, where they stop at a crossroad. For many, it’s when they complete college, for some, it’s after high school results, and for few, it’s after several years of leading a life that doesn’t excite them anymore. Whenever it comes, it brings along a lot of questions, about the future, the present and also our existence at large. We always wonder, the sole meaning or motive of our presence in this beautiful world, many times. We ask, what direction will our career take from where we stand right now? If we took the right decision then or if we still have time to make one? Only a few lucky ones get the answer without much contemplation, their meaning of waking up each day and doing what they love is already clear to them.

  Are there any career guidance test online, which can help me to know my passion?

Dear Aspirant, You are in the right place. Career Guidance tests are used to discover the right career option for an individual by accessing his motivation, personality, interest and aptitude. has seven scientifically designed career guidance test online out of which one can choose according to the need. You want to know your passion so you should take ideal career test as this test is suitable for a person of any age group who is interested in discovering the right career options. The report generated by the test will help you to identify and explore the career in order to get started in a career in which you have interest, aptitude, passion and motivation. The analysis of the Ideal Career Test is truly based on world famous RIASEC theory of career selection.

  How Interest Based Assessment test helps in Choosing the Right Career?

Dear Aspirant, Distinguishing your "Interests" and coordinating with to a profession is a key for early career achievement. This kind of synchronization comes when you have recognized the area that really brings out the best in you, and leads you towards innovation and solutions for greater results. This is where skill and knowledge meet with your basic, inborn aptitude. While working in a certain position will bring you to satisfaction, working on the option that interests you, the most will bring you to career nirvana. This is a known fact that many top achievers practice. It is difficult to be effective in a profession in the event that you loathe the work you do. In this manner, knowing your interests and coordinating those with various sorts of work can help you pick a profession where you can be both effective and fulfilled.

  Is any assessment test real helpful?

Dear Aspirant, The motive behind taking a career assessment test is to have a clear picture about career choice. The test makes you fully aware of your skills, inclination, and interests. It shows you the area where you can do great and the area which is not very suitable for you. Students are engrossed in studies during tenth/twelfth standard and hence do not get much time to think about career options. Many times the decision is taken depending on factors like the salary of a particular profile, career chosen by friends or relatives, colleges that are nearby hometown etc. Indeed these things are not the deciding factors for a career path. A career assessment test is like looking at your own personality from a different perspective.
So many career options, I am confused! (Sound familiar) I hate my career! What's is my true calling? (I can relate) I am a programmer but I like writing stories and have a good singing voice. Should I give up programming and take on to writing or singing professionally? (This is me)