Ideal Career Test™

Psychometric Career Assessment to know your best career

  • Know your best career

    It provides you 12 pages of psychometric career report and suggests you the career which is most suitable for you.

  • Know your career motivators

    Career Motivators, in the simplest term, are factors that encourage one to perform better at work.

  • Understand Your Aptitudes

    Aptitude is the natural ease of learning something. And if that is there, a career journey can become very easy.

  • Know your interest

    Interest is important in choosing a career or occupation because interest keeps you motivated and engaged in your work.

FAQ's Related to Ideal Career Test

  Is career assessment test really effective?

Dear Aspirant, taking Psychometric Tests will prove beneficial as the tests have been designed scientifically, are unbiased in nature and bring in focus the true personality of and aptitude of the student/candidate who takes the test. Choosing career options for after 10th/12th randomly may harm the career in the long run. But it’s recommended that the tests must be given honestly to get the true report. Choosing a career based on interest, emotional quotient, aptitude, inter-personal abilities, is most important by the way.

  What is the need of Psychometric Career Test in schools for student?

Dear Aspirant, to remove all the misinformation, confusions, pressures about the careers and oneself, the Psychometric Tests are mandatory for sure. At such a crucial and ideal stage of education that is at 10th, these psychometric tests are recommended. This will lead to completely remove the problems at this stage in careers like Disappointment, Frustration, wasting of money and time for wrong career choices/jobs, changing tracks of career and starting afresh anew, etc.

  How to choose a career that fully motivates me?

Dear Aspirant, it basically has an enduring effect on a future of the student. Choosing the career stream is really a critical thing for any students and it is sometimes painstaking too. One needs to choose from many options bearing in mind some specific goals. There is a powerful approach to this and that is to ask the question ’What types of things do I really like doing?' Or in a different way, ‘What motivates me – Why do I like this certain type of work?'

  Is there any assessment test for career selection?

Dear Aspirant, Yes, at, there are seven different types of career tests you can take up for the career selection as they help in discovering the potential and interest of the individual. You can choose the test of your sort which you think is right to guide your career and according to your needs. The career tests are very reliable in the sense they are designed by the research team and the panel of psychologists based on the world famous RIASEC theory by John L. Holland for making right career choices.
So many career options, I am confused! (Sound familiar) I hate my career! What's is my true calling? (I can relate) I am a programmer but I like writing stories and have a good singing voice. Should I give up programming and take on to writing or singing professionally? (This is me)