Engineering Branch Selector™

Psychometric Career Assessment to know your best engineering branch

  • Know your best engineering branch

    Report will help you to know the best suited Engineering branch.

  • Match your interest and aptitude

    This report helps you match the interests with real life as per the Branches of Engineering.

  • Scientific way to choose your engineering branch

    The report has been scientifically designed, formulated and customized in a unique manner.

  • Designed by the panel of psychologists

    The test is meticulously designed by panel of psychologists, counselors and psychiatrist.

FAQ's Related to Engineering Branch Selector

  How to get better career in engineering?

Dear Aspirant, having a good start at the base level is right and helpful in terms of good college, institution or university. A good start with a good score will help you get better and lucrative placements. Even if it sounds easy, it’s not so. The need is to maintain the focus. Your academic would matter initially when it comes to the job but once you get into the job, the attributes would matter the most. The Engineering is a field or profession where one requires to have the technical knowledge and the abilities to break through and troubleshooting. Being a bit innovative and future-oriented is desirous. Also, one is supposed to have in this engineering field and profession the never-give-up attitude with open and always ready-to-learn attitude.

  Which engineering is in good demand and salary?

Dear Aspirant, these days it is a common seen that students choose the courses bearing in mind the salary packages thereof; but this is not fine per say. There we have three core branches for Engineering studies, i.e. Electrical, Civil and Mechanical. Other branches are also there such as IT, Electronics, Petroleum, Computer and Biotech, etc. These branches must be opted for on the basis of and knowing the interests and skill sets. For any confusion, the ‘Engineering branch selector’ test by FutureMap will prove immensely helpful in choosing right and best-suited branch. If taken particularly every branch of Engineering require particular and specific skill sets and abilities, like thinking logically, finding comfortable working on coding, testing and programming, etc. is good for Computer Engineering. Thus, it’s all about knowing you, your interests and abilities and also knowing the strong points and going for the particular branch accordingly.

  I don't find interest in Engineering! I am confused with my interests, what should I do?

Dear Aspirant, at first place you must know the fact this is not new since this type of phenomena of de-motivation, having no interest in the certain field, etc. It is a must and the thing to keep in mind that such phases of de-motivation are temporary and ephemeral and can be avoided or kept away getting in touch with a good motivator and friends. This is an exact role, FutureMap shoulders being a friend, philosopher, and guide for changing lives inside out at its best.

  Guidance for choosing engineering branch and institution for girl student?

Dear Aspirant, we find there are many academic branches in the Engineering and even they have been added sometimes. These all branches have their own importance and values. It is nothing that can be differentiated for as it has proven by the girls that they can achieve and succeed in any field and profession as like boys. It is basically depended on the choice, interests, and abilities. Still, if we are here to suggest for girls then it would obviously be the Computer branch the girls can opt for. Basically, the IT sector is good for girls in terms of comfort, further achievements, security, salary packages, etc. for pursuing academic education, IITs, IIITs, NITs are good.
Computer or Electronics Engineering? (Sound familiar) I want to go for Biomedical Engineering but are there enough career scope? (I can relate) Can anyone tell me which engineering branch is for me?” (This is me)