Humanities career Selector Test™

Psychometric Career Assessment to know your best humanities/arts career

  • Know your Humanities/Arts best career option

    This test will help you to know your best-suited career option in Humanities.

  • Helps you to explore yourself

    The Personalized report helps you explore your self and know your interest and aptitude as per the different professional careers of Humanities.

  • Scientific way to choose your humanities career

    The report has been scientifically designed, formulated and customized in a unique manner.

  • Designed by the panel of psychologists

    The test is meticulously designed by the panel of psychologists, counselors and psychiatrist.

FAQ's Related to Humanities Career Selector

  My son has just finished his 12th Boards. He had Humanities. Could you suggest him suitable option?

Dear Aspirant, we would suggest you go scientifically and take an informed decision about the courses to be followed which will invariably be based on and entirely depend on interests, likings, passion, and abilities. To know what the best-suited course is for your son, we would suggest take online Psychometric Career Tests by FutureMap. The Psychometric Career Tests will suggest exactly with the detailed report that will help to know emotional quotient, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

  What are the higher paid jobs available for humanities students?

Dear Aspirant, Humanities, Languages, Law and Ecology these options are altogether different career streams and academic faculties where each of them has good career prospects. One thing should be kept in mind that career is not all about the getting more and more salary but it is something like to have and gain from, a work satisfaction, good atmosphere and passion along with peaceful life. The passion comes at first place and then the elements like salary come. The field for which you have asked the query for is vast in itself. You need zero down on a couple of fields or options to come to the decision at earliest. For this, knowing your capacities, understanding yourself, personality and your skills is necessary. That’s what the Psychometric Career Tests of FutureMap do exactly. Once you come to your sort of career options then you can easily go for highly-paid jobs as every faculty has lucrative jobs.

  What to become taking humanities?

Dear Aspirant, choosing streams in humanities depends on innate abilities, aptitude level and skills, etc. of the student. Going in a random manner will lead to uncertainty and cause troubles thereby. You must think seriously on this thread as what exactly you like and what not. For reference we are giving here some of the career options under humanities; they are as following - Economics, Literature, Marketing, Media, Mass Communication, Journalism, Business Management (International Business, HR / Marketing), Psychology, Law, & Hospitality Management, Travel & Tourism, Hotel Event Management, Retail Management, etc. For getting exact and best-suited career stream it is recommended to take Humanities Career Selector Test.

  Tips for Successful Career Planning?

Dear Aspirant, if you are aspiring to get ahead of time and reap the benefits of opportunities presented by the career field of yours then there is no alternative but to plan your career in a proper way that is having a career planning. As early as possible you will be going for the career planning, will always be beneficial. For proper career planning always explore and investigate more. Do research beforehand for the career options you would prefer. Before taking a leap forward, you need to understand yourself because the having no interest in certain career path and even opting for it would obviously be unproductive. You can ask yourself “What are my interests and what do I enjoy more?” Planning career annually or step by step is what exactly required to be done. By this way, you will be more confident about and would feel secure.
So many career options, I am confused! (Sound familiar) I hate my career! What's is my true calling? (I can relate) I am a programmer but I like writing stories and have a good singing voice. Should I give up programming and take on to writing or singing professionally? (This is me)